The correlation between morning sickness and mental problems

הקשר בין בחילות בוקר למצב נפשי

The answer is unequivocal: morning sickness is not a symptom of a mental problem!

People may tell you:

  • “It’s all in your head”.
  • “Learn to live with it. It’s normal”.
  • “It can’t be that bad”.
  • “Morning sickness is a sign that the body rejects the baby”.
קשר נפשי ובחילות בהיריון

None of these sayings is true! Although people are trying to help you, some of these remarks or actions may result in you feeling stress, sadness or anxiety. Since these emotions are not favorable for yourself and the embryo in your womb, you should find a way to ignore or at least hint to the people around you that those actions and talking hurt you.

Many women who suffer from morning sickness say that the impact on their feeling is both mental and physical. Consider that others do not always understand how you feel and therefore can claim that the sensations and feelings you suffer from are not real.

But…your experiences are real and may lead to a feeling that you’ve lost control over your life, difficulty in doing everyday chores at home and / or at work. If your spouse, your friends, your family and others do not understand you, refer them to the website, where they can learn about the symptoms you experience, and how they can assist you.

If you are not able to perform your duties and can afford it, it would be better if you could allow yourself sometime to rest. Rest and minimizing stimuli like odors, noise and motion will make you feel better. Also, try finding someone with whom you can talk about your feelings and sensations. It is recommended to ask your family doctor for professional information.

Morning sickness could have a bad influence on the quality of your life. Many women who experience morning sickness, feel depressed, stressed, isolated, frustrated and often complain about lack of energy. They are sad, lost, scared and confused because of their feelings and their experience.  Many women find that: 

  • Their parental abilities are affected.
  • They cannot spend as much time with their children.
  • Routine activities like shopping or social gatherings are disrupted.
  • They take sick time or time off work because of their symptoms. The financial impact can be also very significant.

The good news are that many studies show that morning sickness has protective effects on the course of the pregnancy, which include: lower rates of miscarriage, lower rates of congenital disorders and a higher chance of giving birth to a healthy baby.


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