Nausea & Vomiting during Pregnancy

תופעת הבחילות וההקאות בהיריון

Although nausea and vomiting during pregnancy are sometimes called “Morning Sickness”, they can occur at any time during the day. There are women who suffer from them only in the morning, but there are those who suffer during the day and even at night.It is a very common condition, that can affect 70%-85% of pregnant women.

Nausea and vomiting affect different women in different ways: for some the phenomenon is bearable and some might suffer from numerous nausea and vomiting episodes, and the severe discomfort that follows.


The phenomenon of nausea and vomiting usually starts anywhere between Week 4 to Week 9 of the pregnancy. Usually the condition reaches its worst stage between Week 7 to Week 12. For most women the condition improves and the morning sickness starts disappearing between Week 12 to Week 16. Among some of the women, nausea and vomiting in pregnancy would last for several weeks or months, and some will endure it throughout the whole pregnancy.

The extreme condition of the “Morning Sickness” phenomenon is called Hyepremesis Gravidarum. This condition occurs in up to 2% of all pregnant women. It is characterized by nausea and endless, continuous vomiting, which cause weight loss and dehydration and therefor is extremely dangerous for both the mother and the embryo. Women, who suffer from this medical condition, are usually referred to hospitals for receiving medical treatment including intravenous fluids and medications. In most cases, they are hospitalized and remain under the supervision of the medical staff at the hospital.

In most cases, nausea and vomiting during pregnancy start before the 10th week of the pregnancy. If they start on the 10th week or later, or in case nausea and vomiting reoccur after subsiding, it is crucial you consult with your attending gynecologist, since the symptoms of nausea and vomiting might have a different source.


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רוצה ללמוד על בחילות והקאות בהריון וכיצד להתמודד איתן?

המהפכה בטיפול בבחילות בהריון

רוצה ללמוד על בחילות והקאות בהריון וכיצד להתמודד איתן?

המהפכה בטיפול בבחילות בהריון

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